Animated Shorts

The Animated TV Series:

The Further Adventures of Roopster Roux is an animated series from the popular best selling children’s book series, “The Adventures of Roopster Roux”. The animated series is currently in development and is executive produced by Steve Harvey (Comedian, TV Personality, and Syndicated Radio Host) and Lavaille Lavette.

The show’s format is similar to Bill Cosby’s "Fat Albert’ Series show format. The show will be hosted by Steve Harvey and co-hosted by professional athletes from various sports and a variety of celebrities. Steve and his co-hosts will intro/setup the episode i.e., antidotes, funny interactions that relate to the episode. After the animated episode runs, we are joined again by Steve and his co- hosts to close the show, with a moral of the story or an interesting role-play.

Through grassroots efforts and with minimum advertising, the Roopster Roux books, audio tapes and activity packs have done very well. We expect that with the launch of the TV series the Roopster Roux Series will reach great heights.